Payroll Services

Payroll can be quite daunting and complex but that’s why here at TaxSavers were on hand to help you with this. We can register you as an employer with HMRC if it is your first time employing and paying staff. We use the latest specialist payroll software to make all payroll calculations – thus ensuring you comply with the regulations.

Our payroll service includes all the following:

Tax and National Insurance advice
Directors payroll and benefits advice
Detailed computerised payslips
Weekly/Monthly summary reports detailing the tax and national insurance contributions due each month and how to pay these.
Making sure tax codes are correct and up to date
P45s when staff leave your employment and P60s to distribute to your employees at the year end.
Payslips through email if you prefer electronical copies of payslips as your preference.
Compliance and calculations of sick pay, holiday entitlement, student loan repayments, attachment of earnings and paternity or maternity leave.

We are also up to date with implementing and ongoing management of the required workplace pension scheme called ‘automatic enrolment’. We insure your payroll scheme is complying with the Pension Regulator’s requirements for an employer and can assist you each step of the way through automatic enrolment.

By employing TaxSavers as your payroll department, you will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that you will receive fast and accurate payroll information whilst relieving yourself of the day to day pressures of payroll administration.

Call Charlotte Halsall on 01275 848951 or e-mail her at for more information.