Inland Revenue Enquiries

The Inland Revenue can launch an enquiry into a tax payers affairs on a random basis. Even if there has been an omission or error which has triggered the enquiry, there is a basic assumption on the part of the Inland Revenue that the taxpayer has not deliberately or ructively tried to pay less tax than he owes. However, if in the course of the enquiry the Inland Revenue discover possible evidence to suggest that you have either not complied with tax law in a positive effort to pay less tax or not reported revenue or costs honestly, then the enquiry can become an investigation. This then becomes a completely different kettle of fish, with the ultimate objective being not just the recovery of the unpaid tax, interest and penalties, but also the possibility of criminal charges. Professional Advice At this stage you should get professional help and TaxSavers has a good track record in dealing with Inland Revenue investigations. We try to ensure that the outcome is as favourable as possible for the taxpayer and is concluded as soon as possible to alleviate any stress an investigation can cause. If you are subject to an Inland Revenue investigation and feel you are out of your depth and need help call Charlotte Halsall 01275 848951 or e-mail her at for information as to how we can help.